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Jenn Sumo

After graduating with a Broadcast and Cinematic Arts degree from Central Michigan University, I began my journey as a television director. I worked in several markets in the Detroit and Los Angeles areas. But not as well known as The Jerry Springer Show or eXtra. (And yes, Jerry is an awesome guy). I really enjoyed working in the entertainment business but I wanted to slow my life down; so I moved to the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina where I directed at the local news station. I did this for a few years and decided to change my creativity from the screen to the skin and that's when I stated working at Mans Ruin.

I adore it here; it is my passion. I have been body piercing for the last 15 years. I love making people happy and helping them through milestones. You would be surprised at the reasons so many people get piercings; it is always a bonus knowing that I have helped change someone's life. And it is still great that I just pierced someone because they 'just plain wanted it'. Whichever the case, I Love doing it.

I also enjoy traveling and experiencing new things. I love having the best seats in the house at concerts and catching memorabilia from the show.  The picture above is Alice Coopers cane from his show!!! I have a lot of cool stuff from a lot of awesome artists.

When it comes to my profession, I am a perfectionist and a clean freak whom has found a perfect home here at Mans Ruin. If you like things done clean,right and with heart; come to Mans Ruin Tattoo Piercing

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