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Heather Ruin

I am Heather Ruin, owner and tattoo artist of Man's Ruin Tattoo & Piercing Studio located in Asheville NC, which happens to be an all female staffed shop. I have been in the tattoo industry for over 25 years and have owned my Asheville location for since 2000. My studio has been voted best in WNC for 21 years, which I am very proud of. My work has been published worldwide. Also my studio was the focus of a television series pilot that was set for production on network television. I declined the great opportunity to maintain a quiet and "normal" life.

As for tattooing, I love to create original and meaningful artistry. I don’t mind doing some of the standard designs but the best is when a client comes in with an idea that is going to transform their "heart" onto their body. That is when you go home and feel great that you gave someone something that they will love and enjoy for a lifetime.

In my spare time I practice my other craft, which is stained glass. I find it beautiful.
I also enjoy time with my pugs and silly goats. Between the business, world travel and home I have a very busy and fulfilled life.